Optimized disperser discs
from 30 to 1200 mm diameter!

Take advantage of it!

Lab / Production scale

Unsere neue Fertigung

Made possible by our new production line!

Unsere neue Fertigung

Send us an inquiry: info@vollrath-huerth.de.
To specify the hole pattern, we will send you a dimension sheet.

Standard Disperser Disc

Disperser Suction Disc

Axial Suction Disc


from optimizing production:

  • precise, clean manufacturing
  • excellent concentricity, no unbalance,
    low bending stress on your shaft(s)
  • electropolished, easy to clean, less product adhesion and no very sharp edges
  • greater safety during assembly
  • longer service life thanks to thicker pre-material
  • outstanding price/performance ratio

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