VOLLRATH-Dispersers (-Dissolvers) are mainly used to disperse pigments and/ or solid fillers in a liquid or pasty phase. The large  agglomerates (contiguous primary particles) being broken down and the solid particles wetted out. Dispersers are machines which are used for the production of paints and varnishes, printing inks, pigment pastes, glue and hot melt adhesive, fillers and sealants, gels, foundry coatings, priming coats, as well as dispersion-paints and -plasters.



The principle of the VOLLRATH High Speed Disperser is to use a specially shaped toothed disc at a very high peripheral tip speed, into a liquid or pasty suspension. This ensures that large stress forces break down the agglomerates.


High performance and efficiency

The high power density, the large speed range and the constant power of the variable speed frequency inverter drive gives VOLLRATH-Dispersers an excellent efficiency and a maximum of flexibility, along with the built-in overload control, which ensures safe and easy processing of all products.



To create maximum shear rate at the premix stage and optimal processing, the following possibilities are applied:

  • disperse a high viscose paste:
    Product is normally worked into a high viscosity liquid or paste, before adding the rest of the liquid (let down), which had been held back.
  • disperser suction discs / double suction disc:
    Higher viscosity products are best processed with the Disperser-Suction-Disc to move the whole batch efficiently. Other types and sizes of disc can also be used to suit the particular product to be processed.
  • wall and bottom scraping systems can be added:
    When the Dispersers are used with a wall and bottom scraper, very highly viscous products can be easily processed.
  • conical or double conical tank/ vessel:
    Dispersers with conical vessels are normally supplied when a large variation in batch sizes or the whole process has to take place in one tank/ vessel. The right filling height is reached also with small batches, by the conical form of the container.
  • heating or cooling:
    Vessels can be fitted with heating or cooling jackets or with half-pipe coil.
  • universal – mixing – dispersers
    with up to three mixing-/dispersing-systems, like the VOLLRATH-Type VDMP, can be supplied for a very wide range of products.
  • Also, with the customer developed, special executions of Dispersers are supplied.


Program of production and delivery

VOLLRATH has a complete Disperser-Production-Program:
Laboratory dispersers, pilot plant dispersers, wall mounted dispersers and floor mounted stand dispersers for colors and varnish, swiveling/ pivoting disperser, vacuum dispersers, tank mounted dispersers or top mounted dispersers, large-scale dispersers for through-floor installation and Universal-Mixing-Dispersers (with 3 shafts) for extremely high viscosity (to 1,000,000 mPas).


Laboratory and Trials

The VOLLRATH-Laboratory and demonstration room is available for trials to ensure correct selection of equipment to suit customer’s particular requirements. An adaptation of formulation can be necessary to reach optimal results.


Explosion-proof protection (ATEX) Dispersers

Explosion protection according to the EC directive (ATEX) is the most common option at VOLLRATH. The PTB type-examination certificates required for Zone 0 are available. Dispersers can be supplied according to EC Directive (ATEX) for use in all zones including zone 0. Notified body (PTB) certificates are available where required.



The option “vacuum” is available for the most VOLLRATH-Dispersers.


Construction and Service

VOLLRATH-Dispersers are solidly built and designed to give a trouble free long service life. An excellent service is guaranteed.

Stand-Disperser VDS 50
Wall and Bottom-Scraper


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